Distance Energy Healing Sessions

My name is Dave Cornell and I am a Reiki Master and energy practitioner.

When it comes to treating mental and emotional health concerns, doctors tend not to treat the illness but the symptoms of the illness resulting in the root cause remaining in the body. I have found that energy work such as Reiki, intuitive healing and energy dowsing are effective tools to both identify and remove the source of disease -- for good. My clients report seeing a significant improvement in their anxiety levels and in feeling more relaxed and at peace after just one session.

I use energy healing principles that allow me to do this work from a distance. I remotely tune-in to you and your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state and then energetically do what you need at that time. My intention in all my work is only doing what is in your highest, best good and to bring you back into a state of balance so that your body's natural healing process can take place.

A typical distance healing session looks something like this: I will call you to discuss your health concerns, goals and intentions as well as answer any questions you may have. We would then end our phone call and you will either sit or lie down while I do the energy work. The session takes approximately one hour.

My work focuses on clearing harmful energies and influences including those that cause anxiety disorders and mood swings. I follow the clearing work up by sending the healing and transformative Reiki energy you need to aid the expression of your true self. The sessions are preferably done in the evening before bedtime.

Dave Cornell


First one-hour distance Reiki session:
Each one-hour follow-up distance session: $45
Package of three distance sessions: $100

What Others Have Said:

I definitely feel much lighter today. Like a weight has been lifted. I really appreciate the reiki and feel like it's helping!
Jennifer Brunett, Rochester, New York

...Dave's findings and treatments have given me a huge leap towards my goals of vibrant health, peace of mind, and a more expansive 'me'. Energy patterns that were not useful to me have been removed and I feel lighter and freer. I am enjoying the continuing benefits of Dave's work and I am very grateful for Dave and the service he provides.
Wendy S., Pisgah Forest, North Carolina

One morning, after having a nightmare, my psyche was very disturbed. I felt heavy, full of dread and was not able to focus well...I asked Dave for some assistance and he dowsed my energy field and gave me an energy correction. I immediately felt much better; the heaviness was lifted and my mind was able to focus again.
Kathryn F., Avon, New York


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Distance Reiki with Dave Cornell

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Step 3: I will contact you by email or phone to discuss your needs and goals for the Reiki sessions as well as scheduling your first session.

To learn more about Dave, please go to About Us. If you have questions, you can email Dave at dave@dynamichealing.org.

Any information shared is kept private and confidential.

The Reiki & energetic balancing work done by Dave Cornell &/or other associates at DynamicHealing.org does not constitute medical treatment. It is not intended as a substitute for the advice and treatment of licensed professionals and we do not diagnose, cure, heal, treat disease or prescribe medication.

Our work is spiritual in nature and through prayerful intent and distance energy balancing techniques, we assist people in correcting imbalances in their energy field, which in turn supports the physical body in its natural healing ability.

You should always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care professional regarding medical or psychological conditions or treatments. Our work is a complement to regular allopathic medicine and should not be considered as a replacement.

Although we have received many positive affirmations of the benefit of these techniques and there is literature supporting the validity of techniques such as distance Reiki, therapeutic touch, prayer and Touch for Health, we do not make any promises or guarantees about the results of our work or effects of the sessions. Like any modality, people receive varying benefits based on their unique situations, openness to healing and responsiveness to energy work. 

We always seek to achieve results that are satisfying to our customers and welcome all feedback on our services.

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